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Anti Burglary Products

Capital Locksmiths supply and fit all of the products listed below which can help to prevent burglaries and forced entries. Call us on 020 8361 1400 to find out more. All products should be fitted by a qualified and experienced locksmith.

London Bar

A metal bar which is fitted to the inside of any wooden door to strengthen and reinforce the door which can prevent a forced entry to your home or premises.

Birmingham Bar

Similar to the London Bar, a Birmingham bar is also fitted to wooden doors to strengthen the door as drilling holes in the wood to fit locks, does in fact weaken the door.

Both the London and Birmingham Bars are strongly advised by the Metropoliton Police after a burglary has taken place. Be one step ahead – get yours fitted now!

Window Locks

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Key lockable Window locks are another great way to increase the security of your property. They are usually required for home insurance purposes on ground floor of properties / premises. Make sure you are compliant.

PIR Security Lights (Motion sensor light)

Security lights are a great way to deter would be burglars. The light can be fitted in your front, back garden, in side alleys, private car parks etc. and will light up when motion is detected. All of our lights are fitted by qualified, experience electricians.

Hinge Bolts

Reinforced metal hinge bolts are fitted to the hinges of wooden doors to reinforce the door and automatically operate once the door is closed. These bolts are sold in pairs and are recommended for all exit doors.

Lock Guards / Frame Reinforcements

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Lock guards and frame reinforcements are another tool to strengthen and reinforce doors from potential ‘kick-in’ burglaries.

Door Chains / Door Restrictors & Door Viewers

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When there is a knock at your door, most people automatically open the door without knowing who it is. By fitting a door viewer, you have a few moments to check who is on the other side of the door. If you do not know the person, by fitting a door chain or restrictor, you can partially open the door without leaving yourself vulnerable.

Window Restrictors

These restrictors work in the same way as door restrictors and can be fitted to any type of window to give added security to your home or premises.

Dummy CCTV Boxes / Dummy Alarm Boxes

Dummy alarm boxes are fitted to external walls of your property or premise, the box has a flashing LED light and a phone number printed on the box which is operational. Dummy CCTV cameras are of great security benefit giving the illusion there is CCTV in operation around your property / premises.

Prikka Strip / Wall Strikes

Prikka strip is an external anti burglary tool which can be fitted securely to the top of gates, fences or walls that can prevent a burglary trying to get in to your property or premises.